Molecule – VIDEO

A public service announcement designed to educate and promote the banishment of certain gaseous bodily discharges.

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  • @cosmicmola immune January 16, 2018
    DNA is a molecule that carries the geneticinstructions used in the growth, development, functioning and reproduction of all known living organisms and many viruses. To get more info click below: ( ) @BTS_twt #BTSARMY #BestFanArmy #iHeartAwards
  • @ScuzzyRuckus Scuzzy Ruckus January 16, 2018
    Scuzzy Ruckus - The Spirit Molecule (Instrumental):  via @YouTube
  • @islamic_values Deep Thinking January 16, 2018
    Everyone in the world is unique biochemically and physically - thanks to a wondrous molecule (DNA), which includes a three billion word set of biochemical instructions for building a human from scratch. eBook:The Secrets of the DNA …
  • @MOLECULE3 ❁หลินสีเทา🐻🐻🐥🐥 January 16, 2018
  • @visually_unique Alex Bel January 16, 2018
    I added a video to a @YouTube playlist  Energized Molecule: After Effects Video Tutorial
  • @iSpiritMolecule Cosmic Crusader January 15, 2018
    Dissidia NT Open β (Sephiroth):  via @YouTube
  • @MoonWiringClub MoonWiringClub January 15, 2018
    MWC concocted slow-dissolve-rotating plastic schematic/molecule Promo vid for @cafekaput's 'A Perspex Town' (from 'Applied Music Vol.2 - Plastic Today') ripples hypnotically right HERE ~ …
  • @LEDINOCH1 LEDI NOCH January 15, 2018
    Обнаружена самая большая молекула, когда-либо наблюдавшаяся в радиотелескоп … "Detection of the aromatic molecule benzonitrile (c-C↓6H↓5CN) in the interstellar medium" … […]
  • @robin_isnard Robin Isnard January 15, 2018
    Super #épisode introductif sur les comètes, définissant ce que sont ces petits corps du #système #solaire et l'intérêt de les étudier ! #astro #comète #espace #Rosetta #Philae #Tchouri #Hartley #Herschel #eau #organique #carbon #molécule 
  • @MOLECULE3 ❁หลินสีเทา🐻🐻🐥🐥 January 15, 2018
    อ้วนนนนนน ฮื่อออ น่ารักจังครับ ไหนโจรป่าาา ม่ายมี๊ๆๆ

  • Tracking a single molecule at the Presynaptic Motor Nerve Terminal in a living cell January 15, 2018
    submitted by /u/QldBrainInst to r/science [link] [comments]
  • If a hole was drilled through the center of the Earth to an ocean, how would the water flow in the hole? (assuming no air resistance or heat from the Earth's core) January 15, 2018
    Family argument here. We watched this video but we are confused about what would happen with the water molecules interacting with each other in our scenario. Edit: To clarify, we are concerned with the water flowing INSIDE the hole. Not how the water will flow INTO the hole. Assume the water is already inside, how […]
  • Evidence of God in the Human Body... January 14, 2018
    Laminin...a cell adhesion molecule in the shape of a cross. A friend of mine shared a video of a pastor preaching about it and just wow, so much confirmation bias. A protein is shaped like a cross so it must mean that god is real. Any of you hear this before? submitted by /u/shelley-cat to r/exchristian [link] [comments]
  • (518)- 5 Mistakes I Made Studying for the MCAT January 10, 2018
    Hey guys, wrote the MCAT in August 2017 and got 518. Thought i'd give you some advice. Stepping out of my comfort zone this year and starting a blog, so enjoy. For reference I got a 518-128/127/131/132 on my MCAT writing it once. They say it's good to learn from your mistakes, but wise to learn from the mistakes of others. Along your pre-med journe […]
  • 1P LAD (Legal LSD) January 10, 2018
    Just wanted to post this because I thought that it was really interesting! 1p LAD is a molecule that has an almost exact same structure as traditional LSD but currently is not scheduled and is a "research drug." Because its a research drug, it is legal to posses and even purchase on the internet SUPER easily. It's just as safe as LSD and has t […]
  • (518)- 5 Mistakes I Made Studying For The MCAT January 10, 2018
    Hey guys, wrote the MCAT in August 2017 and got 518. Thought i'd give you some advice. For reference I got a 518-128/127/131/132 on my MCAT writing it once. They say it's good to learn from your mistakes, but wise to learn from the mistakes of others. Along your pre-med journey you will make tons of mistakes and hopefully learn from them. The MCAT […]
  • What I hate about Macs January 9, 2018
    QuickTime - The absolute slowest and worst program ever invented. It took about twenty minutes for my PC to update to the latest version. What's more, the software is so slow to load that it's comparable to some other programs that would be analyzing DNA molecules or predicting the stresses on aircraft components, but NOOOOO... All it's doing […]
  • [song of the week] Only In Dreams (+ week #100 celebration!) January 7, 2018 week #100 - 1/7/2018 FOREWARD: wow, 100 weeks, huh? i turned 18 last week, and i suppose i've been doing this for about two years now. i'd like to give my thanks to the good people of /r/weezer and the community at large for giving me a platform. i'm not a moderator of this subreddit nor do i have an […]
  • Story about how I couldn't OD+die from fentanyl and its analogues despite deliberate attempts, about the withdrawal and an unexpected trip. January 5, 2018
    I have paranoid schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Been in treatment for 10+ years, but nothing ever really worked. I grew tired of it and wanted ti end it. I never had any opiate before 2017 except for one time trying smoking opium in Laos (that was the 2nd best sleep I ever got). I did an extensive research about commiting suicide that wouldn't cripp […]
  • Izumi3682 Archives January 4, 2018
    The World's First Album Composed and Produced by an AI Has Been Unveiled by skoalbrother in r/Futurology   [–]izumi3682 2 points 4 months ago Well, I will wait for the human reviews to come in for it. But the AI will ultimately supplant humans, of this I have no doubt. All forms of art and creativity will be the AI. Already today I see multiple exampl […]
  • Payment Pt. IX January 3, 2018
    Pt. I Pt. II Pt. III Pt. IV Pt. V Pt. VI Pt. VII Pt. VIII Jeki'raedo dragged himself up from nothing into blackness. The blackness was thick and hot, like swimming through spent engine coolant. Is that what had happened? Heat sink malfunction? He tried to access his memories, but that was too much work right now, and he could sense the edge of blinding […]
  • What to take for a hangover January 3, 2018
    Hi, Reddit! I am pretty new to this and it is actually my first (re)post on Reddit! I was wondering if I could have some help designing an anti-hangover stack for a nootropics YouTube channel that I am in the process of creating. Basically, I am recommending L-cysteine (or NALT) to destroy acetaldehyde molecules created via alcohol dehydrogenase, activated c […]
  • Refuting your Last Jedi Plot Holes January 1, 2018
    If you'd rather listen to me narrate this same post with some pictures for visual aids and all that, here's a 26 minute video. Otherwise I've written up a full transcript here (fair warning, this is gonna be VERY long) for all of you at work or who can't listen to audio or whatever. Skip past the following parentheses for the transcript t […]
  • 90-day detox from benzodiazepine C-Lam, etc. before enlistment in the Navy; hidden amongst my rambling, that ends up not being TLDR;) December 30, 2017
    May this few months of writing provide some sort of service to someone, anyone. [20 pages long] This entire 'article', or whatever it may be, has a very sporadic, while purposely structured style of exposing different moods, along with biological imbalances and chemically induced issues, influencing the writer at any given time. Update as of Decemb […]
  • Suicide's Apologia: Why we are justified in ending it all. December 30, 2017
    This will be my actual goodbye note to my family and friends when I am ready to depart. For now, I'm sticking around to share the knowledge I have gained in my lifetime, with other people, so that they can benefit from that knowledge. Here is some of it. The full content […]
  • I'm new to unity and unsure whether it is suitable for my goals. Can someone help out? December 29, 2017
    Hi I need to develop a piece of software where I can build chemical molecules in 3D and then be able to manipulate them (spin them around 360, see it from different angles). This youtube video is what I'm trying to achieve: Is unity the right tool for me to use? If not do you have any suggestions? I'm pro […]
  • I eat the LSD art molecule and am transported to the Golden Gate Bridge to draw it. [OC] [video] December 28, 2017
    submitted by /u/Boulet420 to r/LSD [link] [comments]
  • A weed trip more intense than LSD? December 25, 2017
    I'm a long time lurker of this subreddit and first-time poster and experienced something that I wanted to share. This gets kind of trippy so bear with me. So I recently smoked weed with some friends, it was a night like any other, casual chilling. I normally don't smoke so I can safely say that I have no tolerance whatsoever and that night, I smoke […]
  • Ugh.. This plot is utterly impossible (much as I love the film) December 24, 2017
    That back to the future is utterly impossible. After seriously considering the events of the first film I now realize is that the movie contradicts itself out of existence. When Marty McFly goes back in time on the night of 1985, he inexplicably sets off a time loop where it will only loop in one single time (the time where Doc dies and he doesn't meet […]
  • Subreddit Stats: brakebills top posts from 2016-12-22 to 2017-12-22 08:27 PDT December 23, 2017
    Period: 364.42 days Submissions Comments Total 514 10012 Rate (per day) 1.41 27.67 Unique Redditors 307 2091 Combined Score 14129 81077 Top Submitters' Top Submissions 641 points, 1 submission: /u/DocDerz ‘The Magicians’ Renewed by Syfy for Season 3 (641 points, 52 comments) 520 points, 12 submissions: /u/ForLackOfAUserName I know the feeling... (185 po […]

levitating frog – VIDEO

a frog is levitated using a 10 tesla magnetic coil using diamagnetism

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Video Keyword – and bond structure of materials
Video Title – levitating frog
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  • @MagicWinnie123 Dima January 8, 2018
    Мне понравилось видео "levitating frog" ( ) на @YouTube.
  • @Garro58 Gary Anderson December 21, 2017
    I liked a @YouTube video  levitating frog
  • @Modus_Operand_ Modus Operandi December 19, 2017
    maybe something to the electromagnetic gravity theory ? levitating frog  via @YouTube
  • @RedArmband . November 6, 2017 … Frog levitating from a magnet
  • @HotaEre jayare October 30, 2017
    It's 8:06 and my ochem professor is showing us a video of a levitating frog and he's so excited
  • @nawy_t Tal Nawy October 16, 2017
    LS: brings out the levitating frog video! (IgNobel award winner). The frog was fine #scg2017
  • @EmmaMarieSmith1 Emma Marie Smith September 22, 2017
    Demirci has started his talk with a video of a levitating frog. I can't wait to see where this is going... #EdxConf17
  • @_PINA_WALCZYK reluctant$virgin September 10, 2017
    levitating frog  via @YouTube
  • @MPierce1337 Michael ☥ Pierce September 1, 2017  this is a frog levitating on Earth in a magnetic field. If a frog can be levitated why not move water vapor?
  • @fletch_aj Fletch ✌ August 14, 2017
    Interesting and informative piece, very well presented. Didn't see the levitating frog video though! @Scientists4EU good work …

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