A man who is not patient to wait for you till marriage can break your heart before Marriage and even if he marries you he will never be faithful to you cause his desperate desire to taste it before time is a clear sign that he cannot control himself (even in marriage) or that he will abandon you (hate you) if you have no child for him… so he wants to be sure you are fruitful. Such type of men make Marriage a miserable journey or cage for women. Our world is a crazy world today and what is supposed to be of value in life is no more valued.

A lot of women get married because they cannot afford to loose their man or be laughed at by their friends/society for being unmarried. But its time women should stand up for their rights. You cannot continue to be a testing apple. Whoever values you should be able to wait for you till Marriage if Virginity is one of your values. Virginity is a choice. It is the true test of patience which only a few are brave enough to keep it. It is a gift. It is the best of gifts you can give to your future spouce even though some men today may not even value it (cause they may think the person is not experienced). Sex is holy and it should be learnt inside Marriage and not before Marriage or outside marriage but our world today has turned every thing upside down.

Life is about the choices we make each day and these choices will form our habit over time. A man who is not patient to wait for sex till marriage will never be faithful to you if he sees other hidden options. (even if he tries to cover up in Public). Marriage is painful and even as a man I cry when I see what Married men do or discuss in secret. Why did you promise her in the first place when you know it was just a fake promise. It is better to remain single and a virgin for life than to live with the wrong man or woman in a wicked cage of cry called Marriage. Aim to be successful or independent first so men do not take you for granted or feel you have no option than to accept. People rush into marriage but they don’t know what is inside.

Be a Virgin, not because you want to marry a virgin but because you choose to remain faithful even if others around you are unfaithful. God is always faithful. Virginity is your profile quality and you should be proud of it but don’t be too proud cause Virginity is not the only thing required for Marriage. Good Character, Humility, Kindness, Unconditional Love or True Love are also great qualities to look out for.

Marriage is about accepting people as they are (unconditional love). To love all the good and love all the bad inside a person with hope that your love will one day make the person change or become better. But if you don’t observe carefully before marriage, you may end up attaching yourself to a person with a very bad habit that you may never be able to change. Marriage is all about Team Work, to help each other become holy or virtuous, to help each other become successful.

If you are a Virgin till marriage (smile) cause you have done your own part of preparing yourself to keep that Promise of faithfulness that you will make in marriage and it will be easier for you to keep it than for someone who has no control for sex before marriage. If you a Virgin, don’t be afraid to wait for the person who will value you for who you are (your values of which Virginity is one) and not for what you are (your name or status in society) but if you think you can still help your partner to overcome their faults or bad habit acquired before marriage you can choose to go ahead with patience and love. It would be most ideal to be a Virgin and wait to marry a Virgin but if you don’t want to wait forever (cause it may or may not come) then its best to just train yourself to be faithful even if the other is unfaithful. Your conscience will always be clear cause you have kept your own part of the deal or promise.

Your Reward for faithfulness will come to you one day, if not in this life in the world to come. The God of faithfulness, The God of Virginity, The God of Nature will never forget you for taking care of Nature, for taking care of that Natural gift that he gave to you to keep for Marriage.

Saving a Future that is Ours

“…the earth we abuse and the living things we kill will in the end take their revenge. For in destroying their presence, we are reducing our future.”  Marya Mannes – in the 19th Century


Brazil took the bull by the horns, when she led developing nations to the first United Nations Conference on Human Environment at Sweden in 1972. The major causes of Environmental problems and  Climate Change were identified. Poverty and Underdevelopment stood on top of the list. Discussions continued as more agencies and committees sprang up over the years.


But how does our world intend to fight Poverty and Underdevelopment, when Development on its own comes with so many effects on our environment. How do we build schools, hospitals, airports, dams, roads, drill oil, conduct elections  etc, without causing harm to our environment? How do we sustain development in our own generation without causing harm to the development of future generations, how do we dispose waste in the first world (developed nations) without dumping it on the third world are critical issues that lie on the national and international table.


Acting cowardly now, will only spell doom on the face of  future generations. National and International agencies / government must rise to challenge ahead by first examining how important and workable the visions they have already set are. They should find ways to give life to these beautiful visions i.e by using catalysts (programmes)  that speed up the rate of development without causing harm to the environment.


They should translate the great visions already set into simple actions that you and I can follow daily. These beautiful Environmental  Vision documents include: the Kyoto Protocol, the Global Agenda for Change (Agenda 21), the Polluter-Pays-Principle, the African Nations Conference Agreement at Abuja (1993) etc.


They should invite justice and finance experts to weigh the level of impact that business companies have on the environment they operate in and assign levies in cash or kind that will be used in repairing the damage to affected communities.


They should go further by providing an enabling or supportive environment where the poor, the underprivileged and even the physically challenged people can rediscover their talents/potentials, finding new ways to join hands in the fight against Climate Change through sponsored and monitored initiatives.


Above all, they should create more defined job opportunities that revolve round the issues they are trying to solve so that the  Climate Change disaster becomes not just a threat but also a great opportunity for the poor, the unemployed and underprivileged amongst us.


The Cry of Virginity

The moon is crying
The sun is barking
The glory and pride
Of the noble Nigeria
Turns to cheap wine
Tasted by many
While in the market
Waiting for Sale


Behold the Pride
Of our great ancestors
The white handkerchief
Of Noble Tradition
The Heritage and Splendour
Of noble princesses and princes
Has Turned to a shameless fiery
Boarded by many
Before the true sailor
Comes on board


Searching for a pretty Apple
Who at the ripe age for sale
Kept that precious pearl
A Gift from its Maker
See parents advertising apples
Not yet ripe for sale
What have they turned into?
Third class furniture!


Pretty apples dressing half naked
Roaming round streets and suburbs smiling
Rotten apples so many have become
Are those apples jealously guarded by parents?
Better than those advertised in brothels
What your apples do behind you
Is much more than the mouth can speak


A man in the market
One apple to buy
Tasted nine
Still selecting
Sales man! What would you do?
How then should God react?
Over premature sex


Curbing pretty apples
Spilling precious wine on the floor
Parents must rise and teach virtues
That are founded on true love
Teach your apples the bitter truth about love
And they won’t do it behind you
Show them love in words and action
Plant hatred for vice in their hearts


In pain and shame she toiled
To save her precious coin
But found none to show his own
On the night true love is sealed
She turned her back
Took to her heels
And decided to become a Nun!


He or she who can guard the treasure
Safe from all heart snatchers
That person deserves a prize
Far beyond the price of pearls
Virginity remains the best of gifts
Offered to one’s Life Partner
Virginity remains the best of gifts
Offered to God in Religious Celibacy.

The World is a Stage and Humans are Actors

How wonderful it is
To be born on a stage called ‘World’
And choose to play a role called ‘Writer’
In an unpredictable script called ‘Life’
How interesting it is
To watch a drama called life from a distance
From my lonely shell, a writer’s world
To sit and imagine
The many possible turns it could take
And scribble it as a story
For a world in need of Story tellers
How beautiful it is
To be an Owl’s eye
That sees the world as it really is
And tells the story to generations unborn
When writing became my childhood hobby
Little did I know I had found a Treasure !
When writing became my youth adventure
Little did I know I was sitting on Gold !
When the storms of life hit hard on me
And thorns of lime choked up my time
Day and night, in silence, I cried
Refusing to give up on my Talent
Till I finally turn my talent
Into my full time Career
My dream is to become a Creative Writer
My joy to explore the world of writing
To unveil the mysteries scribbled by great writers
Who ran through this stage before me
To savor the style of noble writers
Who on the stage now, journey with me
To leave behind in my writings
A riddle that future generations may never fathom
As I scribble my tale on sands of time
Lo! I loose all I own in life
Lo!  I am crushed by the whirl wind called life
May I never in want be found
When it comes to telling the world a story
Using this gift received from the Author of life
May the Almighty
The Master Writer, the Master Story Teller
Who freely shared His gift with me
Bless the words that evolve from my Creative mind
And find shape in my Creative hands
That it may never return to me void
Till it fulfills the purpose for which it was scribbled
Till it prophesies impending doom to a wicked generation
Till it beams hope and life to generations unborn

When Nigeria Falls Apart

Gather the remnants while you may

Let tribes embrace each other

For this same Nigeria that smiles today

Tomorrow may be mourning



Tribalism stings like a deadly bee

Corruption feeds like a fatty pig

Dragging Nigeria into quick mud

Where there will be, no return.



The noble blood called ‘Nigeria’ flows

Thicker than the water called ‘Personal Desire’

The many who strive to divide and conquer

Will only end in a futile game



Nigeria falls and breaks apart

The last man standing, who shall it be?

The pride and sweat of our great ancestors

Has turned to wasted vapour



Arise Nigeria, land of Great Warriors

Settle your discords, vi for unity

United, you’ll stand and conquer the world

Divided you’ll only end in shambles