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Relax At Home This Summer

Our experts review some of this year’s hottest tips for holidaying at home this summer


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VIRGINITY, TRUE LOVE AND MARRIAGE A man who is not patient to wait for you till marriage can break your heart before Marriage and even if he marries

Saving a Future that is Ours

"...the earth we abuse and the living things we kill will in the end take their revenge. For in destroying their presence, we are reducing our future."  Marya

The Cry of Virginity

The moon is crying The sun is barking The glory and pride Of the noble Nigeria Turns to cheap wine Tasted by many While in the market Waiting

The World is a Stage and Humans are Actors

How wonderful it is To be born on a stage called 'World' And choose to play a role called ‘Writer’ In an unpredictable script called ‘Life’   How interesting it

When Nigeria Falls Apart

Gather the remnants while you may Let tribes embrace each other For this same Nigeria that smiles today Tomorrow may be mourning     Tribalism stings like a

Mother Earth Melts Away

Sitting by my window and gazing into space, I wondered what was becoming of the pretty maiden called earth, the sky for the past few days had cried

Baby Bump Fashion

Look good throughout pregancy with our style guides

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